I need this!

Friend, I know how you feel.

  • You’re so tired of struggling with anxiety
  • You’ve tried so many things that haven't helped
  • You don’t know what to do next
  • You’re frustrated and confused with how to help yourself feel better
  • You feel like something is wrong with you 
Yep, this is me.

You're tired of your anxiety keeping you up at night. 

All the "what if" thoughts, worries, and fears running through your head...

Replaying your mistakes, regrets, and failures from the day...

And thinking about how you haven't done enough and you'll never BE enough.

I feel this

Relatable, right?!

Take a deep breath.
You’ve made it to the right place. 

Free From Anxiety™️ is exactly what you've been looking for.

I need this!

Free From Anxiety™️ will teach you how to feel FREE from your anxiety. 


You'll learn how to:

  • stop letting anxiety control your life
  • ditch anxious behaviors (like overthinking, worrying, and controlling everything)
  • break the anxiety cycle so you stop feeling anxious daily
  • use the *right* tools to help when you have an anxious moment
  • heal your anxiety at the root so that you feel less anxious for good
  • take back the power anxiety has over your one and only beautiful life!
I need this!

Imagine if...

You felt FREE from anxiety
You knew how to self-soothe your anxiety with the right tools
You had support from someone who has been there and understands 
You felt confident in yourself
You knew how to deeply relax
You could enjoy your life
You felt happy, peaceful, and calm

All of that and more can be yours!

I'm ready!

Watch Courtney share her life-changing story below!


I know you're ready to be that carefree, fun, relaxed version of yourself again!

I'm ready!


My name is Erin, and I’m a certified anxiety coach, counselor, and breathwork facilitator. My passion is helping you feel less anxious and learn to LOVE your life again!
I remember feeling exactly like you. After a lifetime of struggling with anxiety and high functioning anxiety, I just wanted to feel better. I felt tired, defeated, frustrated, confused, overwhelmed, and alone with my anxiety for far too long.   
I healed the root cause of my anxiety, and I don't feel anxious daily anymore.  Now, I feel free from the constant worry and uneasiness that anxiety made me feel.  I am so much more happy, peaceful, and relaxed!
I want you to feel the same!
I’m ready to guide you through my step-by-step proven process to help you live a life with less anxiety.

Take my hand, and let’s get started!

"8 months or so ago I was struggling so bad with crippling high functioning anxiety..."


I need this!

Your life is a lot like Jessica's.

You're always criticizing yourself and beating yourself up.

You believe the negative thoughts in your head that tell you, "I'm not good enough".

You overthinking on the regular and don't know how to slow down your busy brain.  

Yep, you're right. I need this, Erin!

Here's the kicker...

You're smart.

You're resourceful.

You're a go-getter who knows how to figure things out.


But your anxiety is something you haven't quite figured out yet.


You've Googled "treatment for anxiety" more times that you can count.

And you've tried anything you can get your hands on that promises to help.

But nothing seems to be helping enough.


You've tried medicine, but you feel like you’re just covering up the problem. 
You were hoping therapy would help, but it feels like a let down.
Meditation feels hard because you have trouble quieting your busy brain.

You may have tried journaling, yoga, prayer, time in nature, clean eating, essential oils, acupuncture or chiropractic, tapping, self-help books and courses, and more.


Nothing has helped you get rid of your anxiety. 

These are all great tools and modalities, but they are just bandaids on a bullet wound if you aren’t healing your anxiety at the root.  These things may help temporarily, but the anxiety ends up coming right back.
It’s hard to reach out and ask for help, and it feels so defeating each time something doesn’t work for you.


🚩There is NO quick fix!🚩

You’re looking for the magic tool or tip that will fix your anxious brain, but it’s not that simple.  

The truth is your anxiety will continue to make your life harder until you deal with the root cause


It’s time to learn how. 

I'm ready!

There are 3 main steps to take back your life from anxiety.

STEP 1:  Retrain your brain and break the anxiety cycle

Anxiety happens in a cycle that will continue to repeat over and over until you put a stop to it.

trigger → behavior → short-term relief → long-term anxiety

You HAVE to learn how to break the anxiety cycle using brain science.

You'll learn exactly how to do this with my proven P&R Method!

STEP 2:  Use the *right* tools for anxiety

There are 4 types of tools that are incredible for anxiety.

Unfortunately, most people are only teaching you one type of tool, and that's why it's not helping you

You need to learn all 4 types of tools and how to use them.

You'll learn the 4 types of anxiety tools and create a personalized anxiety toolbox just for you!

STEP 3:  Get to the root cause of your anxiety and heal for good!

If you don't heal the root cause of your anxiety, it will continue to come back.

You have to figure out why you feel anxious in order to heal your anxiety.

In Free From Anxiety, you'll learn how to heal the life experiences that created your anxiety so that you can finally stop feeling so anxious!

Teach me this!

You'll learn all of that and more in the 
step-by-step process 
inside of Free From Anxiety™️!

Here’s the lowdown on what you'll learn in Free From Anxiety™️:

How to Retrain Your Brain

You will learn the truth about anxiety, backed by neuroscience.  [HINT:  You can retrain your anxious brain.

You will learn how to ditch old stories, beliefs, and thought patterns that have kept you stuck in a cycle of anxiety. 

Then, you'll practice neuroplasticity exercises (AKA brain retraining tools) in my proven P&R Method to create new helpful thought patterns.

You'll have control over your anxiety, not the other way around.

Powerful Anxiety Tools

This is the concept everyone loves:  learning the right tools for anxiety!

There are better tools for anxiety than mindset tools or CBT.  You'll learn about somatic tools, which are a gamechanger for anxiety. 

Not only will you learn the tools, but we will practice them together. 

You will create an anxiety toolbox (a client FAVORITE!) and know exactly how to use it.

These are the solutions for soothing and preventing anxiety.

Mind/Body Connection

The mind/body connection is essential to feeling less anxious. 

Anxiety keeps you stuck in your mind. You will learn how your brain works and why your anxiety is on overdrive.

Then, you will learn how to connect to your body through somatic practices, pick up on your body's signals, regulate your nervous system, and soothe your physical anxiety symptoms.

This is how you get long-lasting anxiety relief.

How to Heal from the Inside  Out

Healing anxiety is an inside job.

So much of your anxiety stems from life experiences that caused you to feel anxious.

THIS is the key you've been missing.

You will learn to heal your anxiety at the root cause so that anxiety doesn't show up daily for you anymore.

You'll naturally feel peaceful, calm, and relaxed.

This is how you feel happy from within!

Let's gooooo!

When you complete Free From Anxiety™️, you will:

Feel less anxious because you've healed your anxiety at the root
Know the simple, proven P&R method to use if you have an anxious moment
Feel lighter and more peaceful
Live your life as that carefree version of yourself that you used to be

Release control and and feel free from the death grip you’ve had on life

Be present in life’s little moments that you can’t get back

Have energy, joy, and excitement in your life

Have confidence to go for your secret dreams and goals that you’ve been too scared to share with anyone else

Feel proud of yourself and know you’re good enough exactly as you are

I'm ready!

You don't need one more thing on your plate.

You're busy.
You don't have time to waste.
You don’t have years to spend in therapy trying to figure out what to do about your anxiety.
You need something that’s to the point, concise, and effective.
You need something that works, and you want to see a difference in your life fast.
Free From Anxiety was created perfectly for you, a successful professional woman who is short on time.
Yep, that's me.
Are you a details kinda girl? 
Me too! 

You get...

Weekly live group
coaching sessions

so that you can get the exact support you need

($1,600 value)


This is your time for live coaching! Whatever you're struggling with, lay it out on the table and I’ll help you get clarity around it. 

Join me live every week for 16 weeks to get your exact questions answered so you can integrate these changes in your life from the inside out.

Weekly video lessons
so that you can learn exactly how to take back control of your anxiety

($800 value)

In these pre-recorded lessons, I will teach you everything you need to know about healing your anxiety

You can watch these lessons in your own time and move at your own pace, so your busy schedule isn't a problem here.

Weekly workbooks
so that you can work through everything that’s holding you back

($400 value)

These workbooks are golden!  They're a tangible item that you can use to reflect on what’s going on inside of you. 

Writing is a helpful way to process that allows you to get thoughts and feelings out of your head and onto paper.  Prepare to go deep and learn more about yourself than ever before.

 Access to a supportive private community so that you can remember you aren’t alone

($1,000 value)

This community will allow you to deeply connect with women who “get it” and are going through the same thing.  This is a place to receive support when you need it, and give support when you’re able. When you’re struggling, reach out! It’s a beautiful co-nourishing relationship.

This will be a safe space to land. It is so hard to find supportive connection right now, and that is exactly what you will get. This will be the uplifting and inspiring community you’ve been needing!

The Anxiety 101 Guide so that you can learn the ins and outs of anxiety without doing days or years of research

($49 value)

Anxiety 101 is your shortcut! Anxiety is complex, and this course breaks it down for you.

You get a 101-page guide chock full of anxiety tips and secrets, including:

  • 3 Anxiety Truths You Have To Know

  • The Anxiety Symptoms Checklist

  • 5 Steps for Anxiety Relief (That No One is Teaching You)

  • A List of Anxiety Triggers

  • and SO MUCH MORE!

BONUS:  Panic Attack Toolkit for help when you feel helpless

($49 value)

Learn how to stop a panic attack in its tracks!  This toolkit is packed with knowledge about how to support yourself before, during, and after a panic attack. 

You will learn practical tools to use from the moment you feel an attack coming on and 5 Steps to Calm a Panic Attack

Plus, there is an exclusive meditation and breathwork audio you can download for in-the-moment support.


Breath Breaks Library
so that you can release anxious energy

($100 value)

This library of pre-recorded breathwork & meditation audios is invaluable!  You can listen to these whenever you need them most.  You are able to shift your energy with just 3 minutes of these audios.

Anxiety Tools Guidebook
(over 25 pages!) so that you know exactly which tool to use when you need it most

($75 value)

This quick reference guide is amazing!  Print it out or access it right from your phone.  Flip right to your favorite tools and use them on the spot.  This is what you’ve been looking for!

Continued access to an exclusive Free From Anxiety™️ Community

so that you don't lose your support system


Truth bomb:  healing is a process, and that process takes time.  Even after your 4 months in Free From Anxiety, you continue to receive access to the exclusive Free From Anxiety Community.  This will include other people who have been through the program and know what you're experiencing. 


Anxiety Hacks Cheat Sheet
so that you can move through an anxious moment with ease

($14 value)

This is your new go-to resource to feel less anxious in minutes!

The Cheat Sheet will teach you 40 anxiety hacks and new ways to deal with anxiety.

Thought Traps Guide
so that you can catch your negative thought patterns that fuel your anxiety

($49 value)

This in depth guide is amazing for nailing down inaccurate thoughts that are making you feel more anxious! 

There are even more bonuses included in Free From Anxiety™️, including:

  • 75+ Mantras for Anxiety Relief ($25 value)
  • 100 Journaling Prompts for Anxiety Relief ($49 value)
  • All past recordings of live group coaching sessions ($1,500 value and growing!)

TOTAL VALUE:  Over $6,300

PLUS the priceless lifetime value of a community of women who are always there for you!


More about the exclusive

In Free From Anxiety, these women become like your family.  You share deep parts of yourself that you have never shared with anyone else. 

Here's the good news:  You don't have to lose these friendships! 

You can stay connected to your new-found friends in the exclusive Free From Anxiety Community.  In the community, we will celebrate your successes, support you in your struggles, and help you continue to move forward in your healing journey.  This is your chance for live coaching, too!  You will never be left to do this work alone.

What women are saying about the  Community 💗

You can be a part of this powerful + supportive community of women, too! 

I'm SO in!!!

Friend, you've been through enough struggle.


Moments of your life have been lost to anxiety.


Moments where you were so in your head with all of your thoughts and fears that you couldn't be where your body actually was
Conversations with your kids where you were so zoned out because your mind was worrying about something else
Hours spent overthinking the future or second guessing your past choices
Nights beating yourself up because you felt like a failure and nothing you did was good enough
Days with your kids where they wanted to play but you couldn't fully relax with the house being a mess
Parties with friends where you were overanalyzing what you were going to say next
Evenings with your husband where you felt so mentally depleted that you had nothing left to give, so you just scrolled your phone instead
Missed opportunities and promotions at work because you were too nervous to GO FOR IT 
Vacations where you were so worried about being in a new and unfamiliar place that you couldn't relax
Every single day of your life because your head was full of irrational thoughts that felt real and consumed you

Are you finally DONE with your anxiety struggle?

I'm tired of struggling.

I know you are desperate for relief from your anxiety.

So...stop overthinking. (Yep, I know you are.)
Take a deep breath.
Repeat after me: 
I can feel better. 
Anxiety isn’t my life sentence.
I can heal my anxiety.

Take a step towards your new life.

I’ll be with you all the way!
With love,
I'm ready!

Are you looking for more proof that this is legit and will help you?

Hear from other women whose lives have been changed through working with me.


"Erin was so welcoming, I was so comfortable from the start with opening up about things I have always struggled talking about. I felt more understood than ever. She made me aware constantly that my feelings and thoughts were so valid.

I feel as if my time with Erin has shown me how I want to show up for myself for the rest of my life. She has helped me see things in myself that I've always hoped for. My anxiety has held me back from so many things and I have seen subtle improvements within myself everyday since I started working with her."


"I feel that I made a ton of progress in the short time with her. She responded quickly when I reached out. She always gave me tools to use when I needed and to have for situations that may come up.

It was always fun and never awkward as some coaching sessions can be. She really helped me connect with myself. I am very grateful to have done this work with her!"


"I have tried years of conventional therapy and I have never felt that I was making real progress the way I did while working with Erin. I truly believe I healed parts of me during our time together. She met me where I was, with no judgement, and wanted nothing more than to guide me and help me heal. 

I used to feel a heavy emotional weight in my chest all the time.  I feel that the work I did with Erin helped me break some (if not most) of that energy up and heal it. Also, learning that my need to constantly feel understood and explain myself to people was rooted in never feeling understood by my mother."

It’s time to take yourself off of the back burner.


Think about how you want to feel in 4 months.

Think about what your life would be like without anxiety.


Do this for you.

Do this for those you love.

Do this to change your life.

Let's go!

Enrollment is ONLY open
through May 18, 2024.


Free From Anxiety™️ only opens for enrollment ONCE per year, so don't miss your chance!

Payment Options


There are 3 payment options.

Choose which option works best for you!

1 payment


Best value and cost savings! ($185 savings)

I'm in!

6 monthly payments


Flexible payment plan option

I need this!

Buy now, pay later

As low as $87/month

Most extended payment plan with Afterpay (including interest-free payments)

This is for me!

Free From Anxiety™️ is over a $6,300 value!


  • Weekly live coaching sessions:  $1,600 value
  • Weekly video lessons:  $800 value
  • Weekly workbooks:  $400 value
  • Community support: $1,500 value
  • Anxiety 101 Guide: $49 value
  • Panic Attacks Toolkit: $49 value
  • Breath Breaks Library: $200 value
  • Anxiety Tools Guidebook: $75 value
  • Anxiety Hacks Cheat Sheet:  $14 value
  • Thought Traps Guide:  $49 value
  • 75+ Mantras for Anxiety Relief:  $25 value
  • 100 Journaling Prompts for Anxiety Relief:  $49 value
  • All past recordings of live group coaching sessions:  $1,500 (and growing)
  • Continued access to an exclusive Free From Anxiety Community: priceless!

What an incredible steal!

This is NOT for the woman who:

  • is looking for a quick fix
  • would rather take a pill to cover up anxiety symptoms than do the mental and emotional work
  • feels like anxiety isn't affecting her life

This IS for the woman who:

  • is ready to do the deep inner work to get to the root of her anxiety
  • is willing to try something new
  • is committed to sticking with this program for 4 months to see a drastic transformation in her life

What are you waiting for?

If you have questions, check out the FAQs below.
If you would rather chat in person to see if Free From Anxiety is right for you, I'm happy to hop on a quick phone call with you. 
I’ll tell you more about Free From Anxiety, answer your questions, and see if this program is good fit for your needs. 
There’s no pressure to sign up.
I want to get to know you, and I want to help you feel better.
I can't wait to hear from you!
Book a free call to learn about Free From Anxiety


If you have any questions that I haven't covered, feel free to reach out at [email protected].

If you’re still reading this...

This is your sign that Free From Anxiety is right for you.

Trust yourself and that nudge you feel inside.

Your life is waiting.


See you on the inside!

I'm ready!

Free From Anxiety™️ will help you:

  • stop letting anxiety control your life
  • ditch anxious behaviors (like overthinking, worrying, and controlling everything)
  • break the anxiety cycle so you stop feeling anxious daily
  • use the *right* tools to help when you have an anxious moment
  • heal your anxiety at the root so that you feel less anxious for good
  • take back the power anxiety has over your one and only beautiful life!
I need this!

It’s your turn to feel lighter and happier!

I'm ready!

You can change your life, starting today.

Let's do it together!