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Breathwork sessions are the ultimate form of self-care. 

They are amazing when you need to feel stuck emotions, release emotional pain or limiting beliefs, are struggling with a big decision, or want to connect to yourself or your higher power. 

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Doing breathwork with Erin has been life changing for me. 

I mean what I said… LIFE. CHANGING. 

If you want to experience breakthroughs that shift everything that feels “off” in you, if you want to connect deeply with yourself, if you want to hear from Higher Power clearly… do breathwork. 


- Allie Casazza

Bestselling author & host of The Purpose Show podcast

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Words fail to capture the breathwork experience in its entirety. With her guidance, you focus your breath intentionally and the result is this release of tension, emotions, tears, pain, and so much more. I always walk away from these sessions completely different than when I began.


She's shown me that there are a lot of stored emotions in my body, and I'm just beginning to scratch the surface of processing them. I'm telling you, if you have doubts or fears or worry about trying something like this, Erin is the person to help you start your journey. She creates an environment that is welcoming, safe, full of understanding and warmth. 


Thank you, Erin! You've been a shining light in a very dark time for me. Your support during and after each session is beyond what I could have ever imagined when I signed up.


- Courtney

Book a session now!
Book a session now!